Jeroen is one of the most intelligent digital experts I have ever worked with. Jeroen also has a work ethic that is second to none. He is dedicated to his clients and he treats their business as if he is a part of it. He is one of the best..
Josh Loeffler, VP of Sales, Venuworks

03e121d“It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Jeroen Corver over the past 3 years, first in the field, and most recently as his manager at Fusionfarm. Jeroen learns rapidly, is very diligent, and thoroughly reliable. He has a great ability to engage his audience and explain the most complex products and services in a way anyone can understand. I truly believe this is a direct result of the time and detail he puts into his work. He has proven himself in many areas including sales, winning industry awards some with national recognition. Also in marketing, taking the lead on SEO, SEM and social media putting together company wide sales material and templates. And last, community involvement. Jeroen was active in 3 area chambers, BNI, volunteer work and multiple networking groups.”
Tony Townsend, VP Digital Solutions at Townsquare Media

22444b8“I had the pleasure of working with Jeroen at Iowa SourceMedia Group where he was an account executive and I was a product manager. During the 3.5 years that I worked with Jeroen he was a very persistent sales rep and he always contributed great ideas and identified prospects who I normally wouldn’t have considered. For example, he sold 19 of the 93 exhibitor booths for our Bridal Expo in 2013 – his sales included financial advisors and realtors, two business verticals that one wouldn’t typically consider to be applicable to a bridal show. Jeroen is a great person to know and to work with, I encourage you to get to know him.”
Mattie Brawner, Director events and sponsorships at Prestige

“Jeroen is a connector. Whether it is in-person networking at chamber events or social networking online, Jeroen seems to be everywhere. His in-depth understanding of digital marketing and his frequent blogging has established him as a true “thought leader” on this subject.”
Ed Faber, Agent and owner at Insurance Gurus

“I have had the opportunity to network with Jeroen on multiple occasions over the last few years – and every time I leave with some new idea, or better understanding of whatever marketing tactic we were discussing. Whether it is in person or via his many LinkedIn articles Jeroen knows networking, knows marketing, and has a passion for helping you and your business with both! Don’t hesitate to contact him to see what he can do for you!”
Joseph Wright, Licensed Sales Representative at American Family Insurance

“I was particularly impressed by Jeroen’s passion for social media, attention to detail, and his ability to network. He is a great asset to our business, and if you want to improve your overall business reach through digital marketing solutions and expand your social media network, I highly recommend reaching out to him. I am looking forward to working with Jeroen for many years to come”
Uriel Barillas, CO-founder and CTO of AssetRover 

I meet Jeroen through the Iowa City Chamber Referral Exchange Program. After spending a few minutes talking with him and later sitting down and having an in depth conversation with him Jeroen knows his stuff. Jeroen understands all aspects of marketing and makes it easy to understand. He is becoming a valuable resource for me, especially when it comes to the digital aspect of marketing. I highly recommend Jeroen if you are looking to expand your digital marketing aspect
Dan Tiedt, Sales Manager at PIP printing and marketing services

I have known Jeroen Corver for 4 or 5 years. We met when he volunteered to serve on a panel I was organizing on Dutch culture for an area business. I have been impressed with his insights into and ability to articulate cultural values and contrast that with the cultural workplace values/expectations here in Iowa.

A couple of years ago when I started my own business, I knew I wanted to touch base with Jeroen again. Over a 90 minute shared cup of coffee we talked about digital marketing and social networks. I was truly impressed with all I learned in just that first meeting. Jeroen who is very analytical and tech-savvy was able to demonstrate to me in a very easy to understand, practical and focused way what I needed to know and how to develop social media strategies. We have had coffee several times since then, and I have no doubt that will continue. Jeroen is supportive and always willing to share his ideas, knowledge and valuable advice. He is both thoughtful and thought-provoking!
Helen Jameson, Founder Culture Friendly Consulting

16fb97e“Jeroen is a very enthusiastic, talented and successful salesperson and promoter of creative marketing services, especially in the digital space. He understands the profound effect that services like SEO, social media campaigns, online behavioral advertising, etc have on growing business and he knows how to match customer with services perfectly.”
Michael Zydzik, Creative Director at Fusionfarm

32e9d46“I have known Jeroen for several years and have never met any one so disciplined, determined and persistent. He has a work ethic that is rarely found in our culture today. He would make an excellent addition to any sales or marketing team.”
Richard Bohrn, Senior Relationship Manager at Heartland Credit Card Payment Systems

“In a world where fast sales pitches are seen as crucial, Jeroen’s advising was always professional and presented with an in-depth backup of numbers and result expectations and final results. It was a helpful instrument to make tailor made decisions for us.”
Harold Van Beek, Owner of Jewelry by Harold

“Jeroen is a great guy, very dependable, great networker. I would highly recommend Jeroen. He is very professional with a very dynamic background.”
Ian Price, Internet Sales Manager at Toyota of Iowa City

“Jeroen is an incredibly talented Digital Marketing Executive. He is extremely good at understanding a client’s needs and making recommendations that solve their business problems. He uses data and facts to base his decisions and is passionate about what he does. I highly recommend Jeroen.”
Joe Matar, Product Manager at Fusionfarm

“Jeroen is excellent at forming solid relationships in order to plan and recommend digital marketing solutions that meet the overall goals and objectives for local businesses. He listens and offers solutions that provide solid results for growth.”
Jason Kristufek, Founder and CEO at Fanstreamm

“Jeroen works hard on behalf of his business customers, no matter the size of the business they own. He does his research thoroughly to put together communications solutions that meet each one’s unique set of needs. And he provides all his clients with great customer service.”
Annette Busbee, Senior Communication Specialist at Rockwell Collins

“Jeroen puts a smile on my face because he’s so well-rounded and so easy to respect and to be around. A great family guy with a tenacious work ethic, Jeroen is always prospecting and presenting, always looking for deals to bring in revenue and always on top of the latest and greatest technological trends in the industry (he’s the one who introduced me to Google+). A savvy communicator with a gentle spirit, Jeroen is driven and dedicated on the inside while being cool, calm and collected on the outside (always). Definitely a guy I’d want on my team and to have a beer with when work is over.”
Mike Schulte, Strategic Account Executive at The Gazette Company

“Jeroen is very detail oriented and does a great job in helping business people of all trades in promoting their business. I strongly recommend Jeroen.”
Brad Hubler, Agent at Millheiser Smith Insurance Agency

While Jeroen posses all qualifications you would expect in a New Business Development Executive, it’s his superior analytical skills which set him apart and makes him uniquely qualified to help businesses achieve results in today’s shifting, competitive business landscape.
Amy Skilling, Account Executive at La Crosse Tribune

“Jeroen is curious and is always looking to learn more about the latest products and trends in the industry. He tries to arm himself with the best options for his advertisers.”
Shannon Booth, Director of KCRG products

“Jeroen is organized, prepared, and works hard to uncover business leads. He is a key member of our new business development group. Jeroen is always working to make his client’s business better. He’s an asset to our sales force!”
Steve Kane, Sales Manager at KZIA

“Jeroen is always one step ahead of the game. Constantly having his clients interests in mind about how he can help garner better results through the product mix he offers. A real business student & intelligent person, Jeroen takes the time to understand a businesses goals and ideas, and where many and most salespeople stop because they already have the sale, that is exactly where Jeroen begins.”
Dennis Fratella, Benefits Advisor at Acumen financial services

“Not only has Jeroen displayed successful levels of audience-based selling, but his general interest in always being “in the know” and becoming better is what sets him apart from most. Jeroen has been a very fast learner from day one. His tenacity and ability to self-start is so valuable. Jeroen is just that type of guy that everyone wants on their sales team and it wouldn’t even matter what industry it was in. Because of all this, he has tremendously happy clients who receive the results they are looking for. I highly recommend Jeroen Corver.”
Zach Schmit, VP Sales and Marketing at My Credit Guy

“Jeroen was a fantastic student. He was hard working, and easily adjusted between the roles of team player and team leader as projects demanded. In addition, he proved himself a quick learner. He would be an asset to any team.”
Kenneth G. Brown, Dean at The University of Iowa Henry B. Tippie College of Business

“I consider Jeroen as absolute top in the business, high skills, and with an unprecedented fighting spirit to achieve his goals. I can recommend him highly as a superb individual with the highest possible qualities.”
Jules Corver, Expert in Logistics
Jeroen is focused, driven and unforgettable. He brings value to every group he belongs to and every person he encounters with. I truly believe that he is a great asset to the company he works for and the clients he serves.
Yu Yu, Financial Advisor, Transamarica
Jeroen is one of the best is his business! If you want your business to explode, just have him help you!
Kathryn Brune, Senior Broker, Inlanta Mortgage