What is social selling and how do I make money with it?

Social media and how it applies to sales is a very popular topic right now. Every sales professional wants to know how they can become more efficient with their prospecting and would love to have that magic potion that makes it all happen. However, it’s not that simple…

What is social selling?

According to Hubspot, social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy. More and more buyers now go online first to research before they make a buying decision. With social selling it is the goal to become that trusted adviser. By continuously sharing valuable insight and positioning yourself as the go-to-guy for all their needs you will create stronger relationships and get more leads.

Educate, don’t sell

The goal is to educate and not sell. Buyers are tired of being sold to, but will pay attention to you when you have valuable insight

Instead of being a hunter or a farmer, be a Magnet – Jill Rowley.

Use the social media channels and your personal website to share your success stories, help whenever and wherever you can. When someone is in transition to find a new job, always help them, this will pay off almost any time.

Become a thought leader

Like I mentioned in the “Respect is given, not taken” blog posts, you cannot just claim that you are the expert if you have never proven to be one. Therefore you have to be very humble. Become obsessive about knowledge. Read books, magazines, blogs and watch educational videos. No one person can claim they know everything, but a group of very educated and well connected individuals can get pretty close. Find the mentors in your industry and learn from their expertise. Now with social media their ideas are openly shared for any reason to follow and it has become very easy to connect and engage with them. The best compliment is when one of the top Influencers acknowledge you and actually starts liking or sharing your content.

You are a brand

Just like any product you as a person is a brand. People do business with you because they like and trust you. You as a person has chosen to represent a company because it fits your values. Work on your brand every day, and promote your brand so that whenever someone sees anything related to your services, they immediately think of your name. Do not hold on to your information in fear that someone will steal your ideas. If you have something valuable that will benefit your customers, share it. Your buyers are going to find their answers online, and if you provide them with the information they need, they will most likely call you when they are ready to make a purchase.


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