People over Products

February 14th was Valentines day, the one day of the year that we show our appreciation to each other and buy overpriced gifts to show your love…

As we go out every day to promote and market our products and services to consumers and businesses we position ourselves as a strong competitor because our product is better, because we have the best price, or we have the best customer service… The product is the solution to all their problems and the customer wants to hear about the solution right? Wrong!

In sales, you are in the people business, not the product business. When your
potential buyer likes you and trusts you, he or she will spend money with you regardless if you are more expensive or not. Buyers are looking to find a solution for their problems, but more importantly they are looking for someone they can trust and remove or limit the risk on their purchase.

Of course your products have to be competitive and it has to resolve the pain points your buyer is dealing with, but to stand out and increase sales conversion you have to create a strong relationship of trust. Koka Sexton, social selling expert at LinkedIn wrote an article that showed that the three top reasons that business owners choose to engage with a company is if they offer insight that is valuable to them, if they are seen a someone who can be trusted and has a high level of expertise on the subject be being a thought leader, or if they are introduced through someone in their professional network.

This is why building strong business relationships of trust through local networking events and social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are important in todays market place. You have to be visible both online and offline, offer your expertise to the public through blogs and speaking engagements, and you have to offer insight that helps the buyer remove risk in the buying decision. If you focus on helping others and creating relationships of trust then the product sales will automatically follow.


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