Social media marketing is not free

Social media offers an easy and affordable way to get your messages out to the world. There are hundreds if not thousands different types of social media channels; each platform with their own types of users. Despite what most people think, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS NOT FREE!!! Even if you do all your social media communication yourself , you still have to invest time and effort in creating engaging content and interact with your followers. It might even cost you if you do not understand how to market your business on social media.  We have all seen our fair share of PR fails on social media because the intern or the owners son was managing the social media.

In social media everyone is fighting for attention. You are not only competing against your competitors, you are also competing against friends and relatives of the followers. In traditional advertising you implement promotional messaging in areas where content is provided, where in social media marketing your business becomes the content. So the next time if you plan to copy your promotional message into your Facebook feed, think again. Your followers liked your page because they value your business and want to interact with you. If you shoot out promotional message after promotional message you will start losing these valuable followers, unless your messaging offers a value. I read an article from Grant Cardonne (New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone) the other day and he states that there is no such thing as over sharing. If your content is valuable to your audience it doesn’t matter how many times you push it out. He compares social media posts to billboards and wouldn’t you want every billboard on the interstate?  As long as you create valuable content, it doesn’t matter if it fills up their entire feed. When you push out valuable content, sales will follow. Share and even re-share your content as much as possible.

If we look at the key social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and even Google Plus) they all have their own unique type of users. Just like traditional advertising your marketing needs to have a targeted message to those users. A couple months ago I found a Slideshare of a marketing presentation for Maersk Line. They placed the different social media channels into 4 different categories (Experts, Customers, Fans, and Employees), and implemented a different marketing strategy for each category. The message and they way you communicate needs to appeal to the channels audience.  Also for the best response you need to learn when to share. Below are some ideal time frames to share your social media messaging for optimal reach of your audience. If you post outside these time frames and you do not post valuable content that helps you engage with your audience you are just wasting time, and time is money.


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