A new way of selling

Thanks to new technology advancements, the way we do professional sales has changed. With traditional sales, a sales rep would grab the yellow pages or his leads-list and start cold calling companies for an appointment, send out emails, and network at local chambers and organizations to acquire business referrals.

With the new model, also known as social selling, sales professionals become mini marketers where the goal is to network through social media and continually educate their potential clients through blogging and sharing related articles. In today’s market, the relationship with marketing and sales needs to be very close and they need to understand each others goals and expectations.

Social-Sales (1)

The Sellarketers article on Social Media Today talks about the rise of a new and modern social media sales person. The image they used shows the old and new model and talks about how sales people need to become mini marketers.

This does not mean you can throw away your phone and you should never make a cold call anymore, but you need to have a healthy combination of both strategies. By seeing social media and blogging as an extension of your traditional sales methods, you will achieve the best of both worlds. Eventually you will find out what works best for your business and your clients.

If you look at the current buying process of today’s consumers. They will research the options online and read articles and feedback from other users. This is where today’s marketers and sales people need to focus, because this is the time when the consumer is making the decision. Once they have done the research, it will become harder to convince them otherwise.


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