Social Media needs to be Social

Many times when I visit my favorite social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter I see many of my followers/friends posting articles on my feed without any interaction. This is great and I always appreciate the free information. However, the way many of us use social media is wrong.

Social media interaction needs to be social! It is not called let-me-post-this-article-and-hope-for-interaction-network.


If I would attend a network meeting and I would jump on a table and start screaming out my products and services, most people would say who is this weirdo? If I would start talking with the attendees and try to learn more about their business first, and then start talking about my products and services the response would be much more positive.

A couple months back I had a hangout with Adam Levy, owner of Magnet Sites and LDRK media about building business relationship on social media. Check out the youtube video:

When you better understand your customer, you will be able to offer a better value and create a more powerful business relationship.


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