Jeroen Corver is a National award winning Marketing Strategist with International Experience in Sales, Business Development, Advertising Principles, and Digital Marketing. Jeroen Corver holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from the University of Iowa Henry B. Tippie College of Business, one of the oldest and top ranked business schools in the United States. Jeroen is certified in Hubspot Inbound Marketing and is an expert in social selling strategies.

What I do

marketing planningJeroen Corver is the Director of Digital Solutions for Townsquare Media. Jeroen Corver helps businesses create effective marketing campaigns with a focus on future growth. Whether your business is looking for a new website, a social media strategy, improved online search ranking, or run a programmatic online advertising campaign. Jeroen will create a plan that is understandable and that brings in results.

How I can help

Pen-and-PaperJeroen Corver’s goal for every client is to become their most trusted and most valuable marketing partner who works to acquire new business and create a strong customer loyalty. By continuously investing in professional development and staying on top of new marketing techniques through business books and Blogs Jeroen Corver is able to offer the highest level of service and guarantee to provide the most current and most advanced marketing solutions.

Connect with me

89694992Check out Jeroen Corver’s Blog with latest articles about Sales and Marketing and feel free to connect with Jeroen on LinkedIn and Twitter. If he can’t be of a direct service to you, he may know others who can meet your needs. Jeroen Corver is part of several local and national business network and marketing organizations, and strongly believes that building and fostering strong business relationships is the most important part of business development and it benefits him, his clients, and his business connections.